Friday, 21 July 2017

Testimony, letters from home and bad food. Oh, and Mike

Jesus is the Christ. I am all good. The work is going great. I am safe, and have not gotten shot. But this is what I wanted to share with you guys this week. 

Jesus really is the living son of our living God. Through him, we are centered on what matters. If we follow him, use his continuous atonement, and progress in our weaknesses and challenges, we will be blessed. Focus your lives on Christ. I've seen this change lives. Atheists who have a change of heart and accept Him, seeing them grow. It's real. He is real. Study the Living Christ, and Family Proclamation. They are such powerful resources. Keep your faith. Never let darkness overcome your spirit. You have potential, and are worthy to feel the love that our Father has for you. Read something from the Book of Mormon, every day. Pray. And always try. Always try. It will change your life. 
-Elder Heinzlmeir-

I love all the notes and stuff from the kids!!

Dad, i love the things from Canada!! I am sooo proud to be Canadian. A hermana from Vegas thought we spoke a different language.... 

This litterally killed me jajajajajajajaja i love it DANE!

I want to hang this up

I made horrible food...

The dogs here eat spaghetti. 
We have a dog. His name s MIKE

Compi told me he liked it out of obligation

Salta and Canada. 

It was church. Sorry for all the selfies... but like theres nothing more to take pictures of... Cause i cant take my camera outside... soooo its pics of me and my comp i guess

Monday, 10 July 2017

Nothing really happened this week. It rained a lot. We have been continuing trying to get our investigators to get married. Two of them have their date set for August 7th!!! They have been like members for like 5 years!!! So that's exciting! The other 2 are going Wednesday to find out when they can get married!! And Abuela, she is still smoking...but were are working on that!!!!! And me and compi are good!! Gunna work hard these next two weeks, and hope for miracles!! 
Church was good!! We have a tormanata blanca this Saturday! So all the missionaries in our zone are coming to help do contacts! And the whole ward is coming to help!! 

Hope for a litt week!!!

Love you all. 

Your Canadian!


District activity!!! PING PONG AND POOL

I Suck at pool. thats okay jajajaja

Elder Medina, is un CAPO

ELDER ROMNEY el es mi amigo. y presidente.. jajajaja un chiste no mas

COMPI. El piene que el es un scientifico. le amo

Piza un poquito trucho. pero esta ben. 

Elder Bravo.... 2 semanas.... fetch. un poquito trunky....

Nuestro distrito. 

stake centre!! there all the same! and beautiful!!!



exactly my thoughts

Elder Albert. Love him so much!!

Un selfie para mi famili que le amo mucho.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Facturas, spider bites and cow tongue...

This week was overall super chill!! Super tranquilo!!(quiet) The ward here is AWESOME! I think the ward likes me... because we have lunch everyday!!!! YAY! Not sure if they REALLY understand when I speak, but they are polite and make sure that I feel like they do jajajaja! 

Elder Swenson, and Bravo, moved penches, (apartment or flat) so it's just me and compi.(companion) for 3 more weeks! 

We now have two extra mattresses, entonces,(this means 'so') we put one under ours!! TWO MATTRESSES! It's like sleeping on clouds!  It's a little higher from the ground, and away from the spiders! I don't like them! They keep biting my face!! People say, "you should wash your face maybe you won't have so many zits".... Yeah no... Spider bites. jajaja but I still smile so it's okay!

Last week , forgot to tell you, I ate this delicious sandwich, and after, my comp goes. You know that was cow tongue, right? I was like, "Oooooooh really?" Isn't that great...So now, apparently I've eaten cow tongue. It was like roast beef, but in tongue form. Bleh.

Today for district activity, were playing ping pong and pool! and having pizza! after, I'm making pancakes to celebrate!! CANADA DAY!!!!!!! Shout out to mamma and pa, for their  28th Anniversary!!!
I'm so proud to be Canadian!

In the conference that we had with president Clayton, like 3 times, he gave me a shoutout!!!! All the way from CALGARY!! Love being the only Canadian!!! 

Love you all!!! 

Have an amazing week!!!❤

As everyone in the mission knows me as...


Celebrated Mac and Kaitlin's birthday with facturas, cuz there's no Tim's here
 Anyone interested in learning more about 'facturas', here is a great website...


Mi compi


Monday, 26 June 2017

Pics tell the story this week.

Trying to be funny with candy teeth 
The most 'normal' pizza I've had here!

Splits with Elder Medina, our District Leader

This is pop that tastes like Red Bull...

Rice for dinner.  We celebrated Christmas because it was the 25th and cold outside.

8 hours of work put into this mapping project!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ya first off, I know it's a weird name... South America likes to name there cities English...or French names.... so thats what we got.
Try saying Longchamps in Spanish, it's exactly what it sounds like. JAJAJA
New comp, Elder Castro! He is from Salta, Argentina!! He is such a stud! We get along good, we just work our butts off, and do our job!!!!!

There is a lot of potential in this area!!! It's amazing!!!! 

The ward is actually a ward, and THEY REMEMBER MY NAME! We do get fed too, which is nice jaja! ps..Mamma sorry.. I had to eat with my hands at a lunch... but apparently, it's not disrespectful here... I was trying to show them I liked the fat and bone they gave me... jajajajajašŸ˜‚ I ate it. Gratefully too!
Living with us, Elder Bravo, and Elder Swenson. 

A cool SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE! We had our plan for the day, full of people. But I just felt we had to go the other way. Felt like there was somebody who was waiting to hear us. Someone was waiting! So we went out, not knowing where we were going, and it was straight up VILLA! After a while of looking, we came upon this one guy. Saw him on the side, already passed his house, and we went. I said "Hey we are missionaries for the Church of..." BOOM! Before even finished, he says "Come in." WHAT??? jajajaja stoked from that! He new SO MUCH! He's from Paraguy, and he answered all our questions like perfectly!  I haave a fecha for him! He was waiting. We found him!!!!! And after that, not even a block away, we ran into this old guy leaving his house. We explain we are missionaries, and I told him we have a message we want to share with him right now. He goes, "Okay, come in." We taught him, and he has a fecha too!!!!! TWO MIRACLES! Truly found from listening to the spirit! 

There's an old grandma we are teaching, Her name is Felicia, but everyone calls her Abuela. And she just lies so much.... it's funny though, cause her daughter, is like kinda special, and they live together in the house with the daughter's husband! But she always Baja la CaƱa pero mal!!!!! jajajaja!!! Abuela said she didn't smoke, so we go yay!! and then the daughter comes in and just destroys her lies... jajaja it's horrible.... but it's kinda funny. 

That was my week! Grant is about 3 weeks old today!! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody, really made my birthday awesome!!


I made a holiday. Its called PODERA! its on JUNE 15. Its about making goals. Shoutout to Papanua! lol im going great.... the red... lets just say it means good...

Its celebrated with cookies and milk

idk what this is but its good

BRAVOOOOOOO. hes from chile

Sup. its my bday  what ami guna do? stay up till 11.30.... 

Fetch what is that face im making.. fetch fetch im being disobedient...Ugh. 


IM 20!!!!!!!!! SO IT WAS WORTH IT

Bravo y Swenson, surprised me with an ICE CREAM cake at 12!!!!!!! literally the best jajajaja

This is called an air potato... legit. its like a spiky Zuchini, with squash and stuff.. but green. don't recommend



I wore my dad tie, cause it was father's day. and i guess i need to start growing up....
or do i..?